Who we are

About Us

Pompano Beach Arts Foundation is designed to strengthen arts and culture in Pompano Beach by supporting new, creative and innovative works. Our mission is to develop cultural initiatives and collaborations, provide arts education for under-served communities and creating a critical resource for arts and culture organizations; and transforming Pompano Beach into a cultural force.

Our Mission

What we do

We invite visionaries to join us as we continue to develop Pompano Beach as one of the leading arts communities in Florida. A vibrant arts and cultural scene is essential to our quality-of-life, and ultimately, to Pompano Beach’s economy. Our vision is To ensure that culture will thrive in this city for decades to come, an endowment has been established that will support city-owned cultural venues and initiatives.

Work with us

We’re looking to engage Business Leaders, Philanthropists and Corporations

While this program will continue, our next step is to engage business leaders, philanthropists and corporations to support now to ensure the endowment’s continued growth. Interest from this endowment will then be used to sustain the cultural initiatives in Pompano Beach.